Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Catch Up w/ Brik Liam

On our next episode of The KOSIGN podcast catch up series, we chat with one of our favorites- Brik.Liam!! Check it out to learn exactly what he's been up to,  how he's navigating quarnatine, and how he feels about his recent signing to PJ Morton's Morton Records! We also had a couple of surprise guests to hop on! You dont want to miss this episode!

Friday, May 1, 2020

The Catch Up w/Whitney Reign

Well hello BabyKayKs!

It’s been a while I know! Lots has happened, so much has changed. I’m excited to get back to the podcast, and our first effort is to play catch-up with some of our fave guests to see what exciting things they’ve  been up to!! 

Up first, our love Whitney Rein! Her podcast episode is one of our faves, and since appearing on our show she went on to be a finalist in the hit show The Four! She just released new music, and had a chat with Dougie and I about everything that’s gone on with her in the last few years! This interview is heavy, but he conversation is necessary, and of course we’re gonna have a ball no matter what!

Whit’s EP, Music Therapy is out now & it will take on a whole new vibe once you hear this interview!