Friday, October 13, 2017

#KOSIGN! New Music! Brik.Liam and Chantae Cann in the same day!!!! Whewww!

Hey guys! Surprise! Lol, no I know it's been a very long time. Ya girl's been going through some things that have some of my projects on hold. I've decided to blog a lot less.. but I'll be here for sure...especially for days like today! 

It's a beautiful and wonderful day for music! Two of my favorite artists (neither are strangers to have released projects today, and Im on cloud 10 about them (hey Brik.). 

Brik. Liam that amazingly talented creative soul who sings you into oblivion is finally letting the world hear, The Ascension LP. I've been loving on a few of these songs for a while, and let me tell you that the whole entire project is greatness.. true to form Brik.Liam. I am willing to go out on a limb and say this dude is one of the most creative people I know-just gifted on levels I've never seen all in one.

Chantae Cann a KOSIGN from way back is back with a whole album that feels like love and light.. rightfully entitled, Sol Empowered. This woman is just a beam of all things sweet, and her artistry is the same. I can and have listened to Chantae Cann EPs, videos, and her last album for days without straying, because it all just feels that good.

Both of these artists deliver not just in studio, but their live experiences are transcendent to say the least. Every time you will leave feeling like you've had an out of body, soul cleaning, smile enhancing, or tear jerking experience! When we have the conversation about artists who peak all of our creative desires through melody, sheer vocal talent, and even visuals these two have to be mentioned. I just love them! Go on ahead and get into this wave of new releases today! #KOSIGN 

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