Friday, August 4, 2017

#KOSIGN: Get into @BahjaRodriguez's Latest Jam "Necessary"

 @BahjaRodriguez is baaaack again killing the game with her sweet and sultry vibe. Yall, I must admit I waited for this one. Since hearing a snippet of the song on Instagram the other day I just knew Bahja was pushing through with a JAM. Not only is the hook to this song all sorts of addicting, the message is also relevant to the vibe in this city. With Necessary, Bahja is proving once again that she has the pen, vocals, and most important the know how to be a real star in this game.

There are so many creatives constantly working in Atlanta, and really all over the world. This, "I'll get it by working for it." attitude is major in my opinion.  Many may look at artists like Bahja and assume she gets it all handed to her. A song like this one is an anthem for anyone, but it may also be a gentle reminder that this girl is grinding on her own and she isnt looking for handouts to get on.

With @SwaggRCelious on production, it's only possible for this to jam. There's no other option. This guy has been making a huge name for himself among avid music lovers for a while now, so it shouldnt be a suprise that he delivered such a bop for Bahja! While the album release date has yet to be announced, Im certain that this girl's face will be all over the place in the coming months. With a performance worthy anthem like this one, I'm hopeful you'll get to hear her turn those sweet vocals up in a venue or two soon. Considering her team is legendary and all Im sure some of those dates are already in the works!

Listen, I love the energy around this record. I love what Bahja represents for the game. I love that she's confident, swagged owwwwt, and baby sings down too! Yall make sure to get this one off of iTunes! I jumped the gun and gave her the KOSIGN yesterday before hearing this..So glad I dont have to take it back! Lets get it Team Bae!

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