Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Inspiration: Travis Greene - Made A Way

There are songs that speak so much to me that I can barely listen to them for crying. This is one of them. Made a Way is a declaration with anticipation. Sometimes life throws us for a loop.. actually this happens more often than sometimes if we're honest. This particular song is the testimony of gospel singer Travis Greene released on his second album, The Hill back in 2015. Even though it speaks to a trying, but miraculous moment in his life, we can all relate.

What intrigues me about this record is how fresh and new it always sounds even though its a couple of years old. The whole energy of the track is encouraging. It's an anthem. It's a reminder that no matter what your'e facing you can look back over your life and see how you've survived 100% of your worst days. Some of those moments were nothing short of miraculous. So, whatever you're facing now is movable, breakable, doable!

God has made a way for you before, and I'm certain God will push through again for you. Don't lose your faith! Maybe some day soon I'll give Travis the moment he deserves on this site.. This post is just a little encouragement for you guys! Get into this ministry! 

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