Monday, August 21, 2017

#KOSIGN: The Game Needs @RyanDestiny

I've been holding this post in for quite some time, so bear with me. I think I was waiting on some solo music to really go in on here about this baby, but last night's BET Awards is forcing my hand. If you don't know  the face above, her name is Ryan Destiny. Striking right? I know. I #KOSIGNed her on IG a while ago, but have been waiting to post here. I had fully prepared myself to do some extensive post on how much of a quadruple threat this girl is, but a greater and more important reality has emerged-so we'll hold that. As for her talent-just google her..or connect on any of her poppin social media accounts. The short of the long is, we have a real singer's singer (I mean.. baby sings DOWN-raw talent), a beauty that might just make people uncomfortable in a room, major acting chops, and a dancer- like she does it for a living.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Inspiration: Travis Greene - Made A Way

There are songs that speak so much to me that I can barely listen to them for crying. This is one of them. Made a Way is a declaration with anticipation. Sometimes life throws us for a loop.. actually this happens more often than sometimes if we're honest. This particular song is the testimony of gospel singer Travis Greene released on his second album, The Hill back in 2015. Even though it speaks to a trying, but miraculous moment in his life, we can all relate.

Friday, August 4, 2017

#KOSIGN: Get into @BahjaRodriguez's Latest Jam "Necessary"

 @BahjaRodriguez is baaaack again killing the game with her sweet and sultry vibe. Yall, I must admit I waited for this one. Since hearing a snippet of the song on Instagram the other day I just knew Bahja was pushing through with a JAM. Not only is the hook to this song all sorts of addicting, the message is also relevant to the vibe in this city. With Necessary, Bahja is proving once again that she has the pen, vocals, and most important the know how to be a real star in this game.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Reminder for the Entrepreneurs, Dreamers, Doers, Feelers, Lovers...You!

How can you lose your song..
When you have sung it for so long?
How can you forget your dance, your dance..
When that dance is all you ever had?

It must be, it must be true
You can't separate the two..
Oh no, you can't
It's impossible to do..
Just like the salt in the stew
Oh my, it's all a part of you..
One thing that life cannot do
It can't take your song from you

So when life brings a chance, a chance
For you to give your part, to give your part away
Don't just stand there feeling scared
Don't be afraid
'Cause there could be a treasure right there

Now listen, listen to THE truth
It does not matter, doesn't matter what you do
Still gonna be you
Just like the salt in the stew
Yeah, it's all A part of you
And one thing, the one thing that life cannot do
It can´t take your song from you

Life can't take it, you don't give it
Life can't take it

It can´t take your song from you

#KOSIGN! Get INTO Ashley Washington's New Song & Visual For Big Mistake!

I have been fascinated by Ashley Washington since we met years ago. I think out of all of the artists I've introduced to people..Ashley has to be the one I've plugged the most.  And it's worth saying that its not just her voice, but her spirit immediately linked with mine. We're long lost sisters for sure. For years I among many have been begging Ashley for some fresh and new music. She stole our hearts with a few songs back in the myspace era, she's had a few amazing features for artists we love, but we've wanted Ashley Washington!!! And we finally got her.