Monday, June 26, 2017

UM! Xscape Reunited on the BET Awards Last Night (Video)

You guys. The BET Awards had lots of highlights. Everyone from Bruno Mars, New Edition, Migos, and SZA, and of course Chance The Rapper's moment of recognition. The BET awards surely knows how to deliver moments.

KOSIGN: The Game Needs Ryan Destiny

I've been holding this post in for quite some time, so bear with me. I think I was waiting on some solo music to really go in on here about this baby, but last night's BET Awards is forcing my hand. If you don't know  the face above, her name is Ryan Destiny. Striking right? I know. I #KOSIGNed her on IG a while ago, but have been waiting to post here. I had fully prepared myself to do some extensive post on how much of a quadruple threat this girl is, but a greater and more important reality has emerged-so we'll hold that. As for her talent-just google her..or connect on any of her poppin social media accounts. The short of the long is, we have a real singer's singer (I mean.. baby sings DOWN-raw talent), a beauty that might just make people uncomfortable in a room, major acting chops, and a dancer- like she does it for a living.