Monday, May 22, 2017

So.. the Rihanna, Lupita Nyong'o, Ava Du Vernay, Issa Rae MOVIE idea from Twitter IS HAPPENING!!!!!

It was all a TWEET! When a fan posted this photo on twitter advising that Rihanna and Lupita looked like the perfect costars for a dope new movie about two bff's scamming rich white men. 

Black twitter soon caught on and the idea spread like wild fire. Fans mentioned that not only should Rihanna and Lupita be in the film, but that Ava DuVernay should direct, and Issa Rae write the screenplay! Soon the three ladies became inundated with twitter mentions begging them to make this happen. 

First Lupita messaged Rih, then Rih signed on, and shortly there after Issa chimed in. I got such a laugh out of Issa's reaction! Even though the women appeared to be down for the black girl magic that would be a movie as fans hoped.. it was honestly a shot in the dark. It was just a crazy fanfic idea!

Well not anymore. We've learned that networks bid at Cannes Film Festival for the rights to the project. Netflix came with the coin outbidding multiple other networks!!! You read that right.. the flic is actually coming to fruition! It is said to be coming in 2018, and it appears all of the women are on board! How cool!?!?

Never doubt the power of twitter!!

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