Saturday, April 29, 2017

Creative Director, Singer, Songwriter Victor Jackson Joins KayKi As First Guest on the KayKi KOSIGN!

Phenom Victor Jackson is the first to grace the couch with me to get the official KOSIGN! Check out the full show below to see why! We cover quite a bit together including his career as a choreographer and creative director, how he's inspired, and his new single Bus of Love

Thursday, April 27, 2017

#StayTuned Watch the Full trailer for My New Web Series the-#KayKiKOSIGN

While I'm taking a small break from the site, I am working on something SUPER fun. I'd like to finally share it with you! A few years ago I was sitting at a rehearsal with a bunch of really talented friends and associates. In that moment I felt God ask me, "Kay..why aren't you in your place to really support these folks like you want to?" was a terribly good question. I'd started this site, and have always tried my best to show love and support to the artists I come across.