Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jade Novah Offers Spine Chilling Rendition of "Strange Fruit"

No stranger to this site, Jade Novah has once again delivered a cover that music lovers will forever appreciate. Often very much so in tune with whats happening in the world, Jade and producer/hubby Devin both use their platforms for more than just entertainment. This rendition of, "Strange Fruit" (originally done by Billie Holiday and later Nina Simone) is overwhelming in the best way.

As always Jade Novah delivers a flawless vocal, on a song many wouldnt rush to cover. It's a heavy song. Not just lyrically, but the weight of the sustained notes married with the depth of Billie and Nina's voices.. you've got to really pour soul into this one. What may be a tough act to follow for most singers seems effortless for Jade Novah. You can feel the sincerity in the lyrics. You're compelled to consider the times we're living in today. With added visuals to accompany the historical relevance of the song, Jade takes you on a journey from the time it was originally recorded to now. In a note to fans coupled with the video, Jade wrote:

"How can you be an artist, and not reflect the times?" Nina Simone asked this very question decades ago, and how unfortunate is it that her song, "Strange Fruit," is STILL a reflection of our current time? As an artist, I wanted to share my rendition of this haunting song, to not only pay homage to the legendary Billie Holiday & Nina Simone, but as a tribute to black lives...we matter. 

Light and Love, 

I just love these two. This is powerful, timely, and perfectly done. 

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