Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Watch: President Obama's Farewell Speech Live Online

Last night our President gave his farewell address, and it was an emotional night for everyone in the room. He went back to his beloved Chicago to say his thank yous and goodbyes. President Obama tried to keep his address optimistic, hopeful as we've always seen him be, and quite personal.

He of course touched on all of his many accomplishments as a President, but he also spoke candidly about where we as a country can be better. He emphasized that he has much faith in this upcoming generation to actually do the work that it takes to make that happen. President Obama described his journey as the greatest accomplishment of his life, only second to being Malia and Sasha's dad.

Speaking of family, the President managed to keep his cool during his speech all the way until he mentioned his wife Michelle. He became visibly choked up when he addressed his beautiful bride. He thanked her for 25 years of (best) friendship, and taking on a roll that she didn't choose with style and grace. The room erupted in applause as Malia stood wiping tears from her eyes to honor her mother with everyone else. Michelle is clearly the real MVP.

Thank you President Obama and first family! You will truly be missed!

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