Tuesday, November 15, 2016

#KOSIGN: Here are a Few Albums I Think You Should Get Into!


Whew! It's been a while I know. I'm breaking my blogging silence just to hop on and say hello. No really, I wanted to check in. We've been revamping the production of the show, and taking some time to really make it perfect. We will relaunch in January with something super nice! I can't wait to share it!

In the meantime I wanted to go ahead and give out a couple of KOSIGNs via the blog of stuff Im really digging lately. Normally I  do this on the show, but since we're on a bit of a break I figured I can just drop them here. So, below you'll find a couple pieces of work that I HIGHLY recommend you add to your playlists!

 H.E.R. - Volume 1 ..I've been vibing to this chill EP and artist for a bit now. It was supposed to be KOSIGN'd on the next show, but as I see word of it getting around online I'm like I may as well just put my BabyKayKs on. The artist herself is meant to be a mystery to us, and the vibe of the album makes that concept even more dope.  I have figured out who she is, but I wont tell you here. I will tell you that you should definitely add this one to your playlist. With jams like U, Focus, and a remake of Drake's Jungle thats better than his, you will not be disappointed! Get this one! #KOSIGN

Common- Black America Again .. I'm a Common fan, so I know that may effect some of your ability to believe that this is an objective vouch, but it truly is. Even as a fan I was super impressed by Common's latest offering to hip hop. Not only is he spitting bars better than ever, but the relevance and potency of concepts on this album are no. joke. He didnt hold anything back this time while focusing in even moreso on the struggles Black people face in this country. With that true hip hop vibe we all have come to know and love from him, Common has put out what is arguably one of his best albums yet. If you dont have it, you should! #KOSIGN!

Maren Morris- Hero ...The last KOSIGN I want to give is from a break out country artist. You may recognize her name because the single, "My Church" off of her album Hero was everywhere this year. She also had a huge night at the CMAs this year. If you're anything like me you love a solid country record, but Maren isn't your average cute little country singer. Baby girl has loads of soul and gutz. There are moments in songs like Sugar & How It's Done where you truly understand this country singer has been hugely influenced by lots of different music, and isn't that the beauty of it. Get into Maren.. KOSIGN

Well, thats it for now. Please stay tuned for more KOSIGNs, and the revamped show coming soon! Hopefully you'll add these gems to your playlists and get your liiife! xo Love to light! 

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