Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#KOSIGN! Get INTO Ashley Washington's New Song & Visual For Big Mistake!

I have been fascinated by Ashley Washington since we met years ago. I think out of all of the artists I've introduced to people..Ashley has to be the one I've plugged the most.  And it's worth saying that its not just her voice, but her spirit immediately linked with mine. We're long lost sisters for sure. For years I among many have been begging Ashley for some fresh and new music. She stole our hearts with a few songs back in the myspace era, she's had a few amazing features for artists we love, but we've wanted Ashley Washington!!! And we finally got her.

Her brand new release, Big Mistake is highly anticipated. Longtime listeners will get the unique and beautiful voice we love, and newbies just coming to know Ashley will never forget her sound. Drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo, and real life.. Ashley sings of a relationship that she couldn't shake. The all too familiar tale of something beautiful literally becoming one Big Mistake!

I asked Ashley if this is the begining of some new project being rolled out. I kept my fingers tightly crossed, and didn't release them until I heard her very casual, "yeah there's more." I FREAKED inside! I've been waiting on an album from this one for years.. literally.. and it's finally coming! 

Ashley says she's really just having a lot of fun sharing things how she wants to, and from her perspective. She said we can expect her project in the fall. In the meantime, lets get into Big Mistake's visual below!!!! & Of course before we sign off.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!! We don't want to forget that. What a gift! xo

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