Friday, March 4, 2016

KayKi #KOSIGN Premieres This Monday!

So, you all know I've been hard at work trying to give you guys a show you will love. It's finally time for the first installment. This has been SO much work and sacrifice, but I'm very proud of the results. I'm super proud that I had a vision, planned it, paid for it, and executed it. The feeling is rewarding.

The whole idea is that you all will be able to get a closer look at some of the artistic individuals putting in work on the independent front. It's a very comfortable and casual setting where hopefully these artists will let their hair and guards down to chat with ya girl.

We'll see you guys right here Monday 3/7/2016 for the first installment with my friend -singer, actor, dancer, just an all out creative Mr. Victor Jackson! Thank you all for the love and support. I'm excited to start sharing these artists with you!

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