Monday, March 28, 2016

Diddy Opening Charter School in Harlem!

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Puff literally can't stop wont stop. Just when you think he's got his hands in enough, he spearheads a charter school. Thats right, Sean Combs can add "Charter School Founder" to his already insane resume.

With the help of Capital Preparatory Schools, Diddy is opening a charter school in his hometown of Harlem this year in the Fall. Diddy is super excited and ready to bring on the brightest of the brightest to help him pull this endeavor off. He 's starting with a remarkable woman as Principal- Danita Jones. Danita's resume is bossed up already.  I'm sure she's more than ready to take on the little Harlem geniuses!

And by little, I mean 6th and 7th graders. A fun age, right?! The school will start there, growing a year every year until they reach 700 students. Eventually the school will embrace grades 6-12. Super cool. You can't go wrong with investing in the children, and thats what Diddy and Capital Prep. Harlem Charter School are doing! I love it! 

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