Friday, February 26, 2016

Performance: Kelly Clarkson's Song About Her Father is Heartbreaking & Beautiful

You guys, I've been waiting all day to watch this performance. I knew that it was something special by all of the buzz that surrounded it during and after. I didn't expect to be completely engulfed in Kelly's voice, her story, her heart.

After coming back to help judge the final season of AI, the Original American Idol took the stage herself with a very difficult performance. Kelly hasn't ever really been the type to bite her tongue. So, it's no surprise that she has not been quiet about her life growing up with her biological father not as present as he should've been. This is a struggle that so many women around the world can understand. A father's love and presence is so important to a little girl, and sometimes the consequences of his absence can be life altering.

The shame, heartbreak, and insecurity little girls feel are often mirrored in the men they decide to date as grown women. Kelly's title track, Piece By Piece is an acknowledgement that she did suffer a bit from the lack of her father's involvement in her life. The song is so conflicting because while it sings of that heartbreak it also sings of the beauty in Kelly being with a man now who is showing her that her baby girl won't have to endure the same. Whew! Kelly cried, JLo cried, Kieth Urban cried, and yes KayKi cried. 

Hats off to Kelly for sharing her story in such a beautiful way, and even trying to remain professional about it. This isn't even my story, but I know so many women who have lived through this same experience. You know a song is powerful when it's not about you, but it touches you DEEPLY. Wow. 


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