Thursday, February 25, 2016

Performance: AubRih Takes Over Your Airways & The Brits!

Last night the Brit Awards were live and in color. Among the performances was this highly anticipated moment shared between long time lovers and friends, Rihanna and Drake. Their new song Work, is Rihanna's first official single off of her super hot new album, Anti!

While fans had to wait three years for the album, it seems to be a huge success already. Garnering a platinum status, and allowing Rihanna to continue in her trend of making historih all of the time! Rih and Drake released the video for Work Monday as a two for one- two videos rolled into one. The fans ate it up! Aubrih seems to have SO much fun together!

They continued their undeniable chemistry and fun at their performance last night. Check these two out below, and again if you haven't gotten Rihanna's new album.. do yourself a favor.. GET IT! #KOSIGN

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