Friday, December 18, 2015

WATCH: Chris Brown's Little Leading Lady Royalty is THE Best Ever in New, "Little More" Video

Chris Brown is known for having some of the dopest videos of our time. He's always got the fun tracks, the dope dance moves, and the pretty leading ladies. This time around for his latest single, Little More off of his brand new album, Royalty... he's got the cutest leading lady ever!

Chris' new album is named in honor of his daughter Royalty. News that Chris was a father took media by storm, and since then we've seen him completely embrace his role as Royalty's dad. So, for the song he penned for her on the album- Little More, it's only right that the little doll face is in the visual. Not only is she in the visual, but she IS the visual.

Her little energy and personality are just simply adorable! The video allows you to see just how crazy she is about her dad, and how crazy he is about her. The beginning sort of alludes to how she got here, but the bulk of the video is nothing but Royalty and her dad. I almost can't deal with how fly she is, and how much personality she has!

Chris has made it clear that he's taking his role as her dad very seriously, and I can so dig it. A father's love is so important to a little girl, and this little girl seems to adore her father! Babies are blessings! Check out the new video below, and get Chris' new album - Royalty available today!!

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