Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jill Scott Stops to Pour Love and Light into a Perfect Stranger Who Was Having a Bad Day

This time of the year is rough for lots of people. So many hormonal and emotional things come to head, and often without our control. Yesterday on my facebook timeline, there were at least 5 sisters (and by sisters I mean women) expressing how they were just spent emotionally. A few said they had no idea why they felt the way they did. I had to remind everyone that sometimes your body, mind, and spirit just need a moment. I reminded them that things will be OK, because I know they will be.

This morning I got the most pleasant surprise on my timeline from a Jill Scott fan. She was another woman whose December hadn't started out so great. She ran into Jill Scott randomly, and instead of Jill being some celeb on a mission.. Jill in her discernment saw the young lady Dani's heart and connected. Dani said she listened better than any therapist and just stood there letting her vent like she knew her. She then gave her a hug and told her it'll be ok. Dani's cousin is a huge fan, so they tried to call her but she didn't answer. They decided to make a video instead. The video (meant to be for Dani's cousin) really is a message for all of us! What a moment.

I can't tell you what this does for my spirit. We women carry A LOT ...with strength and grace too, but sometimes we need another sister to grab us and say.. it will be ok, and it is ok to cry. Whew. Yall. I love me some Jill as you know, but this.. this right here validates my feelings about her. What a gift she gave this perfect stranger by way of just being an ear and a couple of words of GOOD advice and encouragement! See the video they made below. Love and light to Jill Scott. Love and light to Dani! Keep pressing girl. Keep shining!

So, here I am, having the worst day of my life... I put on my smile for the world every day. It makes me happy to make others happy. But today was bad. And I decided "fuck it, face it anyways Dani. Don't call out and crawl under your rock of depression until you recover like you always do. Go to work with your sad face on and be vulnerable. Don't hide today and nurse your wounds, don't wear the happy mask. Make this day better. Your steps are ordered by the Lord." My beautiful sister/cousin came to my house to get her gels done this morning and, let's just say she unfortunately had to mediate some Bullshit (let's not give that no glory)... and we went on with our days determined that it would still be a good (rainy day) and parted ways. Then my friend EnaMichelle Stevenss had to talk me out of a nervous breakdown... I was like "this is Not the Dani I want the world to see" but she stayed on the phone and tried to calm me as I walked into my job. Now yall know how they treat "us" up in there but so I was like if the manager starts with me, I'm outtie. As I'm walking up the stairs, I see a familiar face...she says "hello" and smiles (I was staring at her like I saw a ghost, and I did not have on my winged eyeliner or any lipstick so I was pretty scary )... I was still crying and started telling her about my horrible day... and pouring it out like a faucet (I kept telling her I promise I won't make a scene) and she was more patient than my therapist, and ain't nobody as patient as Denise Jones. She listened. I told her that my cousin loves her and I just did her nails because she is going to see her tonight and I don't wanna take a picture with her cause of the obvious but I want to call my cousin (she didn't answer )and take a pic for her. She said "no, you are gonna take it with me, as a matter of fact give me your phone, we gonna take a video": Miss #JillScott
Posted by Dani Ruelas Jones-Nash on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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