Thursday, April 27, 2017

#StayTuned Watch the Full trailer for My New Web Series the-#KayKiKOSIGN

While I'm taking a small break from the site, I am working on something SUPER fun. I'd like to finally share it with you! A few years ago I was sitting at a rehearsal with a bunch of really talented friends and associates. In that moment I felt God ask me, "Kay..why aren't you in your place to really support these folks like you want to?" was a terribly good question. I'd started this site, and have always tried my best to show love and support to the artists I come across.

Countless singers, rappers, writers, producers have all gotten a vouch or two from me on here.. but there was more that I could do. It's taken some time.. mainly due to just thinking I needed more than I had to do it, but I'm ready! I'd like to introduce you all to my new web series the KayKi KOSIGN!

With the help of a really dope co-director and videographer Ashe Monique I am finally bringing this show to fruition. Once a month ..right here on, I will be featuring some creative person who is doing their thing!!!! ..and no, it's not just about music.. we have visual artists, culinary artists, beauty mavens, and more all lined up for you!

We will have live performances, premieres, exclusive interviews, and much more! I'm so happy to share this journey with you! I'm excited to have built this platform for my friends, and even more excited to meet new creatives who are making it happen!

So.. without any more delay.. here is our KayKi KOSIGN trailer!

P.S. ..I'm ready to KOSIGN you too if you got the juice! for show submissions and inquiries. xo


  1. Go head on KayKi, so proud of you!! I've loved watching you progress through your journey and staying true to who you are. Congratulations!!

  2. You Wear Your Blessing Well and You ROCK!!!!! ��

  3. I absolutely Loved it!! I am a fan of this amazing woman. Much success to you KayKi ♥

  4. I can WAIT til this launches!!! We need to know more about the dope up and coming creatives!!!

  5. Super Excited!!! Congrats!