Monday, November 9, 2015

MUST Watch: Three Young Ladies from "Get Lit" Perform Powerful Spoken Word Piece!!!

Wow is all I could say after watching this.The below video features three young women performing on the Queen Latifah Show. They are from an extraordinary program out of LA called, Get Lit..which aims to teach kids literacy through the art of the spoken word. A form of expression used to present poetry to an audience. I was completely blown away by this.

These girls made my smile. They spoke with truth, conviction, and passion which are all three things I know from experience are needed to deliver your "peace" as I called it back in my spoken word days..when I was around the same age as them. This peace raises so many questions and brings SO much to light about the capacity of our school and societal systems to choose how to educate our children. It's about keeping a system in check that clearly is not working for everyone.

Much love to Diane Luby Lane and her whole team at Get Lit! What a dope movement. It's adults like her (for me & my fellow high school students Edwin Sargent) who see gifts and talents in youth, AND keep them aware of the real important things in life, then give them platforms to address it all. This is how you create assertive, passionate, and progressive thinkers in adults.. start them young.

I just love this. Please check out, Melissa, Zaria, and Rianna:

These 3 Fearless Girls Got On National Television And Shocked Everyone
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