Monday, November 9, 2015

#KayKiKOSIGN: Victor Jackson Releases "The Wiz" Inspired Visual for New Single, "Bus of Love"!

It's finally here! I got a chance to stop by this video shoot for Victor Jackson's new single "Bus of Love", and to see the finish product come together is pretty dope! Victor as many of you know is a super creative individual who manages to be a great singer, choreographer, stylist, writer, and on and on all at once. This guy is just super talented.

After taking some time away from his own career as a singing artist to create dope stage presentations for some of your favorite artists' tours, Jackson is back to his first love.. his own music. First up is Bus of Love! With the help of Douglas Whatley and the Gigabots, Victor has rebirthed one of my fave records from him.

For the visual, Jackson envisioned a play on the classic film, The Wiz. He grabbed some friends and family to help him bring it all to life. Victor is the Tin Man, The Princess of Glam Rock Soul and no stranger to you BabyKayKs ..Dri Jack is an adorable Dorothy, Derek J is a fabulous Lion, and Douglas Whatley is the perfect Scarecrow! Now, out of all of the characters on set that night, I got the biggest kick out of watching Whatley's dog Cooper play Toto! He was perfect!!

The visual for Bus of Love is really just the tip of the iceburg of what Victor Jackson is capable of doing, and whats to come from an artist of his caliber. This video is one of many Creations by Ashe Monique - a super dope videographer here in Atlanta. Being behind the scenes for this shoot was so much fun. It was great hanging with these creatives! Even Victor's parents Pastor and Mrs. Jackson where there, and it's just always good to see them!

 I dig these folks, I dig the song, I dig the video! Let me go ahead and give it this KayKi KOSIGN!  See the video for Bus of Love below!

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