Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Interview: KayKi Speaks with Tiff Joy!!!!

It hasn't even been a full month since Tiff Joy released her self titled debut album. Before she knew it, she'd gone from a sought out worship leader in Chicago to household name. First was the hit song, "Amazing" that she penned (and ultimately went on to record with Ricky Dillard). The record took over gospel radio. Then came the Stellar Award win for Song of the Year for the same track, and then...just as I predicted.. a placement on the coveted top 5 Gospel albums on Billboard. Win after win after win.

This is all really exciting, but if you know Tiff Joy you know she's not really into it for all of these accolades. This is a woman most would describe as quiet, meek, and humble. She is a person whose energy is ignited on a platform where she can share the love of Jesus, or when she's being silly with friends and family, but other than that Tiff Joy is (as the youth describe it) mad chill. She is the person whose sweet spirit will make it's acquaintance without her even saying a word. She doesn't really seek out the spotlight. When you see Tiff, you encounter a person who genuinely is concerned with God getting the glory out of everything she does. It's who she really is!

As I saw the album make it's way to the Facebook statuses, Instagram posts, and Twitter updates of people who don't know Tiff personally it made me proud. Not so much that I consider her family, but mainly because I know they're supporting a person who is sincere about ministry! Tiff tries her best to live what she sings about. It's a beautiful thing to know she's not faking the funk to sell an album. Now that people have become more acquainted with the artist Tiff Joy, I figured we should let you guys  get to know the person a little more!

To add another element to our chat, I opened the floor to Tiff's fans and supporters to submit their questions for this interview! Some of the questions were really cute. I had already planned to ask some of the other questions, so it worked out perfectly! You can see Tiff's answers below!

Is Tiff Joy really your name? Thats cute!

Tiff Joy comes from Tiffany Joy McGhee. So, the top of my first name and my middle name. 
Thank you.

Tell me about your musical journey so far. Where did it start for you? 

My musical journey started as a little girl. I've pretty much been around music all of my life. My dad is a musician and songwriter. So, It kind of came early. Not sure of exact age, but, at a very early age, I sang my first solo called 'Life is a Dream' by Anointed.

Wow! You took it back with Anointed!  Now, you're also a songwriter. When did you realize you were into writing music?

I've been writing music probably since late grammar school years. Around 7th or 8th grade. 

Does the writing or the singing come more natural to you?

I'd say writing may come first for me. 

Interesting because I got this question submitted about writing that maybe you can help with. What do you do when you have writers block?

When having writer's block, I pull back and leave the song alone. I don't like to force anything. When it's time, it will come. Another thing that helps me is being in motion. So, I may have to take a drive and listen to the song or play it in my head. Sometimes that helps, and what I'm missing will just come to me.

Did you always know you'd be an artist?

I knew there was an interest. I more so knew I wanted to do ministry. I knew and know I have something to say. This is just one way that I am able to get it out. 

Awesome.. so we've heard you mention Ricky Dillard many times. How did that collaboration come about? What has it been like working with him?

It has been absolutely great working with Ricky Dillard. He's such a joy to be around. He keeps it real and I just love and appreciate him. Our link up came about by way of Donald Lawrence. He heard me sing "Amazing" with a group I was singing it with at the time, and he got it to Ricky. I eventually saw Ricky at a recording, and he said he'd been looking for me! That's how we officially met. That was months before I recorded "Amazing" with him. 

You've also made it a point to show love to another Chicago native, Vashawn Mitchell. How did you guys link up?

My connection with Vashawn came through some of my friends who are actually producers of my album. When we did the recording, they shopped it to Vashawn and now we are here lol. Glory to GOD.

Obviously your dad is one, but who are your other musical influences? 

My musical influences are Celine Dion, CeCe Winans, Whitney Houston, Kirk Franklin, Donald Lawrence, and David Foster. 

That's a dope list! Now, you've already worked with some pretty incredible artists, if you could collaborate with any other artist out now who would it be?

If I could collaborate with any artist, It would have to be CeCe Winans! Wait, I'm going to throw a second one in there..Celine Dion! Lol. I know they're like amazingly amazing Lol....but I would still love it. Or, even if I could just get a song to them for them to record..I would love that. 

I'd love to hear those collabs myself! As for your debut album, people are loving it. I mean.. I can barely stop playing it. I see people talking about it on social media almost every day. I know my favorites change daily, but what is your favorite track on the album?

My favorite track on the album, right now, would have to be 'I'm All YOURS'. That's just where I am. Giving GOD me and letting HIM do what HE does.

That is such a beautiful song. It's like you guys created a hymn! You and your team wrote almost every song on this album. I remember us chatting years ago about being writers and being certain we were "good" writers.. how did you overcome that fear and accept your gift? 

I recognize that it is just what it is....a gift. A gift from GOD. I don't take ownership. As long as I know and understand who it comes from, I can accept the fact that I have been given a gift. 

So, I'm all about the #Kosign, and artists supporting one another. People are jamming you in their playlists, but who are you jamming to right now?

I'm currently listening to a variety of artists. I just downloaded some new music. So, let's see....I'm listening to Jonathan McReynolds, Maurette Brown Clark, Ron Poindexter, CeCe Winans, my record lol, and a few more. I can honestly say that GOD wrote through me/us and when I listen to it, it really ministers to me like It didn't come through me. 

Finally Tiff, congratulations on this album. It really has become one of my favorites. What is the resounding theme you'd like listeners to take away from this project?

I'd like listeners to understand GOD's Love for us. Just how much HE really Loves and WANTS us. 

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  1. this was a great interview kay. i really enjoy your perspective.