Monday, October 5, 2015

Amber Rose Cries While Delivering Heartfelt Speech at Her Controversial Slut Walk Event + I Finally Get It

Most of us had no clue what Amber Rose was up to when she started to mention this whole Slut Walk LA movement. Many people took to their social media accounts to try to publicly voice to Amber that they thought it was stupid, for lack of a better word. Even some well known folks on twitter exchanged tweets with Amber against the idea of it all.. Amber pressed on anyway. The event occurred this weekend, and it seems to me that now after the fact more people are coming around to the point. I'll admit, I understood what Amber was thinking, but I had several reservations as to whether it would be effective or not. Watching the footage from Amber's speech at the rally made me realize a few things. This is a woman who we really haven't heard out. As we have done time and again with beautiful famous women, we assumed with Amber.

It's project that about 15,000 people showed up in support of Amber's movement. Women of every shade, and even a few men showed holding up signs like, "The way little girls dress doesn't create pedophiles, The way big girls dress doesn't create rapists", and "No more slut shaming, No more victim blaming!". Amber's mom made headlines holding up a sign, "F*ck Yo 30 Showers" in reference to Kanye West saying he had to take 30 showers after being with Amber. It was a direct hit at Kanye. It is worth noting that while Amb's mom is still holding on to some resentment, Amber acknowledged that she'd forgiven the men in her life who have belittled her, and she encourages other women to do the same. She was even seen out with estranged husband Wiz Khalifa following the event. She advises that thats the only way to be free from the shame of it. Either way, the message of the rally was clear..sexual violence, victim blaming, and demeaning labels are not welcomed.

In closing while most still wont get Amber's point, or they will feel like she isn't the "right" person to do something like this...I salute Amber for her efforts. Ask yourself how many times in entertainment alone, do we see women picked on and their sex lives examined person by assumed person? We hardly ever see a man being called a whore, we hardly ever hear their names dropped in rap songs alluding to what someone has done with them. We hardly ever see them criticized for their choice of clothing..even if their behinds are hanging out. Amber Rose, "Olivia Pope", Rihanna, "Analise Keating", Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian.. these are women I saw slut shamed just this week on my timeline alone. Whether or not we agree with Amber's way of acknowledging and facing this issue.. I applaud her efforts.

Watch her tearful speech below. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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