Friday, October 23, 2015

She's Baaaack! Adele releases New Video for Single, 'Hello' From Highly Anticipated New album, "25"

The type of success Adele had after releasing her last album 21 (2011), is almost unheard of. Here are the receipts...She swept six Grammy Awards-one being Album of the Year, went on to win an Academy Award for a song she recorded for 007.  Adele's 21 album holds the title of Best Selling album of the Decade in the UK. It has reemerged to sell thousands of records at the most random times throughout the years. The album has now sold well over 11 million copies since it dropped, and it spent 24 weeks at no 1 on Billboard 200.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Interview: KayKi Speaks with Tiff Joy!!!!

It hasn't even been a full month since Tiff Joy released her self titled debut album. Before she knew it, she'd gone from a sought out worship leader in Chicago to household name. First was the hit song, "Amazing" that she penned (and ultimately went on to record with Ricky Dillard). The record took over gospel radio. Then came the Stellar Award win for Song of the Year for the same track, and then...just as I predicted.. a placement on the coveted top 5 Gospel albums on Billboard. Win after win after win.

Monday, October 19, 2015

New Video: Drake- "Hotline Bling"

Drake's "Hotline Bling" has created quite the buzz lately. Not only is it the jam most of us are waiting for when we're having a good time, but it's also the jam that other artists can't resist covering.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Justin C. Gilbert Releases First Solo Project: ALIGNED

The name Justin Gilbert (or "Bishop" as many like to refer to him) goes far in the music industry these days. He's had a long road up to this point. Starting out singing and playing in his family's church, Justin was groomed into an exceptional musician! Now, years later he can be found touring with the likes of Justin Timberlake, and releasing his own debut album, ALIGNED. This release is one most thought would come way sooner, but things don't always happen as we think they should. When the time was right, a life altering moment pushed Gilbert into full devotion to his purpose. That moment in time is the reason I'm here now telling you about his debut offering.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Midweek InspirMotivation: Must See.. Oprah Just Preached a Bit

Oprah Winfrey's religious beliefs have always been under much scrutiny from the "Christian" community. I quote because the harsh reality is... who and what isn't these days? The question is also whether the term Christian means much at all to the world when many of us are so far away from the example set by Christ. Anyway.. another blog for another day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rihanna's Candor in New Vanity Fair Interview is Refreshing & a Lesson Learned

Rihanna's no stranger to magazine cover stories. Actually I'd venture to say that some even think her to be a real life model at this point. Though she hasn't released an actual album in whats going to be 3 years in November...She has graced countless magazine covers and spreads. Rih has done quite a few interviews in that time, though they didn't tell us much about the pop star that we didn't already know. Vanity Fair and Lisa Robinson aimed to stand out from the crowd with their Rihanna story, and they did just that. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Amber Rose Cries While Delivering Heartfelt Speech at Her Controversial Slut Walk Event + I Finally Get It

Most of us had no clue what Amber Rose was up to when she started to mention this whole Slut Walk LA movement. Many people took to their social media accounts to try to publicly voice to Amber that they thought it was stupid, for lack of a better word. Even some well known folks on twitter exchanged tweets with Amber against the idea of it all.. Amber pressed on anyway. The event occurred this weekend, and it seems to me that now after the fact more people are coming around to the point. I'll admit, I understood what Amber was thinking, but I had several reservations as to whether it would be effective or not. Watching the footage from Amber's speech at the rally made me realize a few things. This is a woman who we really haven't heard out. As we have done time and again with beautiful famous women, we assumed with Amber.