Friday, September 18, 2015

Wondaland's Deep Cotton Releases Visual for their Jam "Let's Get Caught"

Janelle Monae and her Wondaland crew have dropped some real jams in recent months. They are coming in and taking over your radio, and I for one welcome it. It's refreshing! Every artist on the team has a unique sound and offering that they bring to the table. This is evident with one listen to their EP, The Eephus. The team is super talented.

This week the two fellas we all call Deep Cotton released the visual for my favorite jam on that EP, Lets Get Caught ft. Jidenna. The song is such a groove that you can't help but cut a step to it. Nate Wonder and Chuck Lightning who make up the duo are super funky rock stars, and the visual for Lets Get Caught mirrors that. These two are definitely keeping the funk alive.

The visual consists of the two performing the song at home and at a masquerade while surrounded by a whole lot of eye candy. While the guys are rocking out the party, their boy Jidenna shows up super fly with his crew for his part in the song.  The rest of the Wondaland family can be seen making their cameos as well. I spy Janelle Monae &  Roman GianArthur rocking out. I also spy their trainer (and mine) my Morehouse brother JC in the cut! Fresh!

Yall get into this video and strap yourselves in for this ride to Wondaland. They aren't letting up anytime soon! 

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