Sunday, September 6, 2015

#Watch this Cuteness! Jay Z Really Gets into Singing Along with Beyonce From the Crowd

The talk of the night has without a doubt been Beyonce's performance tonight at the Made in America Festival. Covering most of her hit songs, the QUEEN performer delivered one of the best live shows we've ever gotten from her.. and that's a task.

From the door fans knew that this wouldn't be your typical Beyonce set, and they were right. The birthday girl (we're still celebrating it!) can be extremely sweet, but the Beyonce that owns the stage like she did tonight is always welcome too. Talk your stuff Bey!

Another highlight of the set was Bey incorporating a few songs by other artists, and some new moves to her iconic choreography. Bey rocked out to some Future and Lil Ronny, which was a welcomed surprise that turnt the crowd up! She also opened the show with her newly released Crazy in Love Remix. Yes, she went all the way back to get her debut single as a solo artist and made a remix for it 12 years later.

For a few concert goers, the show was even sweeter because Bey's hubby Jay Z snuck into the crowd for a minute to stan for his wife. We've heard Jay say time and time again that Beyonce is the greatest performer of our time. We know he's a fan, but we haven't seen him THIS into a set. It's cute! Jay is singing the beautiful love song, "1+1" along with Bey and he's into it. It reminds me of the time he sang "their song" to her, "Yellow" by Coldplay. He also got into her jam "7/11"... he was a fan like the rest of us that night.

It's clear my fave is in love. There isn't a thing wrong with it! See the cuteness below!

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