Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#PressPlay & Get Into Keeyen Martin's 'Suitcase'

Keeyen Martin is a name making it's rounds on the music scene here in Atlanta. You BabyKayKs who keep up with me on social media know him as one of the #ArtistsYouShouldKnow features I'm constantly posting. There are all sorts of artists out there these days, but Keeyen sets himself a part in so many ways. His voice is intricate, sweet, and even jovial somehow. I love it! His music not only sounds good, but because of his undeniable positive feels extra special too!

His latest offering- Suitcase is a simple, yet profound reminder to all of the movers and shakers of the world to keep going! You should never settle for living below your abilities, or doubting yourself because of fear. Suitcase is such a motivating record. This vibrant, but smooth track will have you ready to get to business. The track forces you to move, and the lyrics stick so tough to your desires to be great! I really dig the way it makes me feel.

Suitcase is the precedent for music lovers looking to figure out just who K. Martin is. You get him as a singer, writer, and a person all in one song. I got a chance to chat with him recently about his upcoming project and his journey so far in music. This is just a peek into exactly what we can expect from him. I can't wait to share more of his artistry with you positive people out there! In the meantime, lets jam out to Suitcase available on iTunes now!


  1. u right kay this feels good. something to listen to in the mornings,

  2. I love this. I wish I lived in Atlanta because you guys have so many artists there to enjoy.

    1. Yes, we have a plethora of incredible artists to get into!