Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Artist Ash Delivers with "The Perfect EP" + See Her Visual for 'Anyway'

My Spelman College Glee Club experience was one I will never forget. Even though I left Glee for the Jazz Ensemble after a year, I still kept tabs on the incredible voices displayed during their rehearsals/performances. This artist was one of those voices.

Ash started to perform with the Glee club and everybody took notice. So, it's no surprise that we're here... years later and she is well on her way to an extraordinary career in music. If her face looks familiar to you it's probably because for the past few years she's had the honor of touring with some of music's biggest artists like Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars. 

Recently, Ash stepped out from the background to share with the world what she has coined The Perfect EP. This collection of sweet vocals and undeniable grooves couldn't have been named anything else really..it is perfect! Just four tracks long, her EP is a small but effective offering from the singer. It's clear from one listen that we're getting but a taste of something super special.

The vibe of each track is unique, but the whole project comes together as one solid presentation of dope artistry. Ash's voice is refreshing, and the concepts/lyrical content are simple yet impacting like any good lyric should be. With the influence of T Brown ( Janelle Monae, Jaspects) the whole project jams in a very unique way. It leaves listeners wishing there were a few more tracks to get into! Trust me, there is more to come!

I know we're late to the party..my bad, but I promise to stay on top of all things Ash starting now! The Perfect EP is available for purchase on iTunes, and other digital platforms. Yall.. get into this! You'll be glad you did! In the meantime, lets get into the video for one of my favorite tracks from The Perfect EP- Anyway. It's such a fun feel-good song. You'll be singing it for days!! This is Ash's official welcome to KayKiSpeaks.com! Lets show her some lovin'! 

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