Thursday, September 17, 2015

BuzzFeed Releases Powerful, "I'm Muslim, but I'm Not" Video

This super cool video from the Buzzfeed staff is on time! In the wake of the story of 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed's arrest for being smart, Muslim, and brown.. some of us need a friendly reminder of what all Muslims are not. We need a reminder that our brothers and sisters who are Muslim are everyday people just like us, and that their faith doesn't make them terrorists or dangerous.

The video beautifully rips away the stereotypes of what a Muslim looks like, sounds like, and even how they were raised. In a short 2 minute clip so many negative ideas are brought to head and crushed by way of a simple statement,... "I'm Muslim, but I'm not.."

So simple, yet so powerful. Some of the statements are funny, while others will leave some of you reevaluating what you think you know about their faith. I love the diversity demonstrated in this video. We're all beautifully layered people.. our religious beliefs are but one piece of the puzzle. Salute to BuzzFeed for this! 

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