Friday, September 4, 2015

Beyonce's Family Dedicated Songs to Her for Her Birthday Tribute! I Love Blue's Pick!

Yesterday was a holiday for many people. It was the birthday of King Bey, and everyone knows that Bey Day is a cause for celebration. Beyonce is easily the best performer of our time, and she's loved by many. Her birthday every year is a time for people to show her (more than usual) that they truly dig her as a person and as an artist.

This year, Tidal did a cute little blog dedicated to Bey. They had her family members share a song that reminds them of their relationship with her. Everyone from her parents to little Blue Ivy dedicated something sweet to Beyonce on her big day. Some of the songs bring back memories of fun times Bey shared with them. Some of the songs connect on a deeper and more emotional level.

This was a cute idea because songs often can relay feelings better than we can. I'm sure Bey had a beautiful birthday, and I know this tribute had something to do with it. Check out the song dedications to Beyonce below. Of course I love Jay's the most. He loves his bae! Happy Birthday Beyonce!

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