Monday, August 24, 2015

Music Monday: Jonathan McReynolds ft. India Arie- 'Whole'

We're going to get into some new music this week! Recently more than ever I've been getting hit up by my music friends/associates who have some fresh material to share with the world. I'm going to start with this fun and uplifting song by two artists I love. These two are not new to our site, but we welcome them every time we can get them!

India Arie has joined forces with Jonathan McReynolds for this jam - Whole from his new album, Life Music: Stage Two. The song is simply about connecting with God and Him bringing everything in your life full circle, so that you can realign with the meaning of it all.

India Arie has been a personal inspiration for me since she first came on the scene. The same is true for Jonathan, and after we interviewed him early in his career, I knew he was around to stay. Both have been instrumental in elevating our hearts and minds through their music since they started. It's great to get this collaboration from the two brilliant artists.

Check Whole out below. Jonathan's new album is due out September 18th.

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