Saturday, September 5, 2015

India Shawn Teams Up with the WERC crew For New RE-WERC Collaboration

You guys know that I love this chic. She's my friend and my fave! She's no stranger to this site because she's been so consistent with quality music that we can all get into. This time is no different. India Shawn is teaming up with one of the hottest movements out of Atlanta.. the WERC crew for a project they're calling the RE-WERC. Now, you may not know who all of the members are, but if you're about that social life here in Atlanta you know that the WERC team is definitely the new wave.

They specialize in the livest events and dance parties you can experience here in the city. A group of young and super talented individuals, WERC brings all of their creative juices into one solid effort enrich and entertain. This team is super special to me because one of it's cofounders- Xavier Moreno is a fellow I met during my MTV TJ experience. DJ X is easily one of my favorite DJs and just good people! He brings the party every time, and his crew is the same!

Needless to say this new project meshing the talent and grace of India Shawn with the creativity and vibe of WERC is perfection. The two entities have joined arms to recreate a few classic and current songs with their own twist. They also have a couple of originals to share. The project showcases the many producing talents within the WERC crew including; Jeremy Avalon, Micah Freeman, and Byron The Aquarius. They also brought along a couple of friends-The Cool, and one of my fave producers out here..Prem Midha! India Shawn's beautiful voice and style is accompanied well by these talented individuals.

This project is something special because it brings together two well respected houses in Atlanta, and thats what it's all about- the collaboration. I'm looking forward to jamming this release out! I'm loving it! I've got my ear to the streets regarding the up and coming tour WERC has in the wercs. I'm also checking for India's next move, that is if I can stop listening to her Outer Limits and Origin EPs long enough to be ready! What a cool group of people! What a dope project! 

Head over to to listen to the RE-WERC release! Be sure to hit up for more information on upcoming events and shows. ATL I'm looking to see you guys out this Thursday for the RE-WERC release!

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