Monday, August 31, 2015

#PressPlay: Shanta Gray Releases Debut Album, "The Blood"

It's finally here! Just over a week ago Chicago's own Shanta Gray released her debut project! Her name/voice became a regular on many favorite gospel songs by artists out of Chicago starting back in the 1990s. Even though Shanta began at an early age singing and sharing her talents, her voice became most noticeable when she took the lead on a few singles by Chicago Mass, New Direction, and Praise II choirs. Jams like New D's "New Revelation", "Come in the House", "Heaven", and "By Grace" all featured that unique but powerful voice on lead. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kandi Burrus & Hubby Todd Talk Their Pregnancy Journey + Share Beautiful Photos of Her Growing Baby Bump!

News broke not too long ago that my favorite Real Housewife of Atlanta was expecting. Business BOSS Kandi and her boo thang hubby Tod are expecting their first child together. The couple  have been together for years, and viewers have been able to follow almost every step of their relationship on the hit television show.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#PressPlay New Visual: Rahbi x 'Blush'

This whole week I'm going to be dishing out some really dope and fresh music. I've been holding on to this gem for a while just trying to decide when to share it with you guys. The name Rahbi is everywhere on the music scene here in Atlanta. This guy was one of the livest experiences I had at a show when I first moved to Georgia. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Music Monday: Jonathan McReynolds ft. India Arie- 'Whole'

We're going to get into some new music this week! Recently more than ever I've been getting hit up by my music friends/associates who have some fresh material to share with the world. I'm going to start with this fun and uplifting song by two artists I love. These two are not new to our site, but we welcome them every time we can get them!

Monday, August 17, 2015

LeBron James Announces He's Awarding 1,100 Full Ride Scholarships To Students!

LeBron James is one celebrity who not only contributes well to his field of entertainment, but he also contributes to causes that highly impact his target audiences' real lives. Some may have questioned his devotion to his home state when he decided to leave the Cavs a few years back. Other true Ohioans knew, he was in fact a die hard Ohioan himself, and would never really leave his hometown for long. Not only did he return, but he's been giving back to his community in a major way. For the past five years LeBron has sponsored the I Promise Program-which is founded by his LeBron James Family Foundation.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Black Ballerina Misty Copeland's New Essence Cover & Career Are So On Pointe!

Misty Copeland has for a while been a popular name among the ballet industry-mainly just because she's an incredible dancer with so much grace it's ridiculous. What many people don't know about this gorgeous, athletic, and soft spirited woman is -had she left her love for ballet in the hands of other people, we probably wouldn't know her name at all today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How My Trip to Jamaica with My Closest College Girlfriends Affirmed Me and Our Friendship

No.. I haven't stopped blogging. Even someone like me who fully enjoys her life deserves a little vacation from it all. :) For the first week of August I was in Jamaica living it up with my friends. I'm back now, but would like my first post to be a little more personal than usual. Here's another long one...

When I learned one of my closest girlfriends from college was set to get married in Jamaica this year I was overjoyed for a couple of reasons. One being that this would be the first time in seven years that all seven of my closest college girlfriends would be in one place, and because one of them had truly found the love of her life. EXCITING! Among the partying, sun bathing, tubing, and celebrating were a few very valuable lessons learned. I truly am a better woman thanks to Kimberly Floyd (Sleee lol ), MRS. Kisha Porcher (KeeshBeesh), Anyah Brou (Anyahybyah), Sarah Wooten (Sarahbarah), McAllister Windom (MAC), and Tracey Lucas (Trini)...and of course Im going to tell you why!