Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rodney Jerkins' 5yr. old babygirl #HeavenlyJoy WOWS on America's Got Talent

The names Rodney Jerkins and Darkchild for most people are synonymous with number one songs and hit artists. For me I automatically think Brandy (of course) but his impact on music stretches all over the place. I think that's about to change juuuust a bit. When people hear the name  Rodney Jerkins now, they're probably gonna start thinking  Heavenly Joy after last night.. his babygirl is stealing the show.

I don't know if I can stand how adorable Rodney's five year old daughter is. She's a singer, dancer, actress who loves God and is not afraid of the stage at ALL. Her voice is like a grown woman's trapped in a tiny little body. She has a doll baby face, and a personality that will win over all hearts on this seasons America's Got Talent! 

Heav (as her aunt calls her) sang and tapped to "In Summer" from Frozen (of course) and blew the crowd away. The judges went on and on about her, and her mom singer, Joy Enriquez couldn't keep it together she was so proud. If you need a moment to smile... just take a look at this video. Hello Heavenly Joy we're ALL glad to meet you!

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