Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Video: Rihanna- #BBHMMVideo (Explicit)

Rihanna announced last week that she would be releasing her new video for the hit single BBHMM today, and it's here!

Rihanna premiered the trailer for the new vid at this year's BET Awards just this past weekend. It was obvious from the short clip that the long awaited visual to her new banger would be more like a mini movie. According to the pop star the concept for the video came to her 8 months ago, which is partially why she's so amped to share it with her fans.

The video tells a story that is quite laughable. Rihanna is a G (as we all know by now), and in this video she harnesses every ounce of that to pull of quite a revengeful move on her accountant (ahem) by kidnapping his girl and ultimately murdering them because he has been spending up Rih's money. She even takes the lady's puppy!!! The seven minute long video is hilarious to say the least, mainly because it rings a loud bell. Naturally the first thing I thought about was Rihanna's issues with her former accountant. LOL.. comedy...and a little risqué of course.

As if releasing a highly anticipated video that she conceptualized and directed to millions of waiting fans isn't enough, Rihanna also broke another record today. Earlier it was announced that the baddie is the first artist to cross the RIAA's 100 Million Songs Certification. She's followed closely (and by closely I mean -12) by Taylor Swift. What an accomplishment! Rihanna took to her social media to thank God and her fans for their unwavering support earlier.

If you missed her introducing the trailer to this video on BET, you can watch it AND the new video below!

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