Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Press Play: New Artist Shiena Releases Debut Single "I'll Wait for You"

The sweet sultry sound that grabs listeners when the lead single from songwriter/vocalist Shiena is played has been a long time in the making. I'll Wait for You is an introduction to many, but to Shiena it's just one more step towards fulfilling her purpose. After years of singing and writing for other artists, Shiena is finally ready to present her offering to music lovers!

I'll Wait for You is a true love song laced in jazz, rhythm, and a hint of blues. Produced by Bryant Moore, the song is written and vocally produced by Shiena herself. The lyrics depict Shiena's desire to be with a lover she can't hold in her arms just yet. Knowing that God will bring him into her life somehow, she is hopeful to wait. Whew! This one is definitely for the grown and sexy!

The lead single is just a piece of what Shiena has to offer. Honing in on Agape Love, Shiena is finishing up what is sure to be an incredible project laced in songs for the lovers! She's calling it Loves Vulnerable for all of the obvious reasons. A true singer and songwriter first, Shiena lays her heart out on the line in her first release as a solo artist.

We can't wait to hear what she has next, but for now get to know this beautiful songstress and her new single, I'll Wait for You. Available now on iTunes!

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