Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Interview: Brandy Talks Her Role in Chicago, Motherhood, and new Show, Zoe Ever After

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If you haven't heard by now, Brandy is on Broadway starring as Roxy in Chicago!!! I didn't blog it, but I flew up there for just a couple of days just to see my fave shine in her element. Let me tell you guys, she was perfection!! She was so full of gratitude as well, it was awesome! I know some people  couldn't see Brandy on Broadway initially, but in my mind it's a perfect marriage for the incredibly artistic and dramatic woman I call my fave. lol

Bran owned the role as Roxy by seasoning it with a little of herself. She incorporated just a couple of those clean Brandy riffs we all love in her musical numbers, so we Starz in attendance got exactly what we came for. After the show, I got to take my little (well not so little high school graduates) Tia and Collyssa backstage to meet Bran, along with my Big Sis Willie and Aunt Pam. I was so focused on making this special for them that I didn't get to be in blogger mode hardly at all, but thankfully someone else was on their toes!

Another huge Brandy fan Tabitha Willliams and Music Xclusives TV snagged an interview with Bran just after watching the show. In the footage the gorgeous ladies discuss everything really. They talk about how super busy Bran is right now. The girl is working her behind off. She's in another zone at this time; maintaining her spiritual, mental, and physical health which is awesome. Bran talks about the importance of being her own daughters role model, not looking for anyone else to fulfill that role which I think is major. She also sheds a little light on her upcoming project, Zoe Ever After with BET (2016), Ray J, and more.

Bran has so much going on and is in such a beautiful space right now. She's launched The Next Brandy blog where Starz can keep track of this awesome time in her life. She is clearly living well. I kinda can't get over how good she looks. She's shining from the inside out. Love it!

Check out the interview below, and a couple of pics from my trip to see her own the stage in Chicago!

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  1. she seem so sweet in person. god bless her