Friday, July 10, 2015

Cuteness Overload!! Guess Which Celeb These ADORABLE Kids Belong To!

You guys know I LOVE kids! Oh my goodness..a. dore! Can you guess which celeb made this precious little doll face?! Ok, here's a hint.. he's a famous rapper/singer hailing out of New Jersey, and his song "Trap Queen" has completely taken over the airways.

Yes, it's Fetty Wap. He's probably mostly known for that song and the fact that he's missing an eye. He lost his eye at a young age due to Glaucoma. He did have a prosthetic eye for a small time after having reconstructive surgery, but he decided to go without it not long after. His eye has been the center of many of the convos I see happening surrounding him on social media, that is until people got wind of these gorgeous babies!

Fetty loves his kiddos. He has a little boy ZooVier and a baby girl Zaviera. The little fella looks a lot like him! If you follow him on twitter or IG, he's always posting pics of them with cute little messages. He's working so hard to secure a good future for them, and I can totally respect that. It's so good to see a young father so in love with his kids! Congrats to Fetty on two beautiful children. They made me smile today so I'm sharing it with you guys!

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