Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Brandy in Uptown Magazine: Her Dope Photo Shoot + Revealing Interview

Yasssssss fave!!!!! Brandy Norwood covers the most recent issue of Uptown Magazine, and she is in full model mode. With her gorgeously chiseled Sonja Norwood -esque face she EATS a camera any day, but this shoot is turned up a notch honey, and I live!

In the issue Brandy opens up about what the whole "The Next Brandy" movement is about. She explains some of the highs and lows of her career and personal life, and most importantly how she overcame them. The interviewer chatted with some of Brandy's bffs like Keisha Epps (Wifey to Mike Epps, and formerly of Total). Keisha revisited a time when she saw her friend at her lowest. 

She says she told Bran that she had to pick herself up and just do the work. That convo with her bff is one Bran says literally ignited something in her, and she began the journey of being the best Brandy she can be.  This story totally explains why Bran is so in love with Keisha, friends like this are irreplaceable.

Brandy also shares what happened between her and ex fiance' Ryan Press, her deep connection with Whitney Houston to this day, and the immense load of work she is doing right now. I'm so proud of this woman, and to think after all of this time she's just now hitting her stride. Bran has so much coming this year! A new show, music that she says is really authentic, and prayerfully another Broadway run (The Wiz) are just a few projects she's shooting for! She is in her element and it shows all over her these days.


  1. soon as i saw this i knew u were gonna post it u love u somebrandy. i do to tho

    1. Lol, you know this is my boo! Thanks for commenting! xo

  2. Love love love her I'm following her on instagram and snapchat and she is hilarious!