Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Black Don't Crack: LOOK at Cicely Tyson at 90 Years Old.. SLAY!

Cicely Tyson seems to be getting more and more fine with age. This woman is 90 or 82 years young (no one really knows as we have 2 years for her birthdate) with the spirit and style of a woman half her age. She's not slowing down with work either. While speaking at an even for the Spirit of a Dream Gala, the entertainment vet announced that she's actually headed back to Broadway to star in the hit classic, The Gin Game.

The photographs from the event have been making their way around the internets in celebration of black not cracking. We have so many reasons to celebrate the vet. She's fly yes, but her willingness to keep working all of these years is inspiring. When asked about her work ethic and what keeps her going she replied:

"Doing all those performances a week stimulates me. I still want to run from theater to theater. The work itself gets me going. My first show was ‘The Blacks.’ 1961. Nightly I’d discover some new bit. I’d think, ‘Where’d that little piece come from? Never noticed that before.’ Getting up, rushing, working — that’s exercise. Retire and your mind stops. Your heart’s a muscle. It gets flabby. I’ve worked 40 years and I’d never retire. To do what? Watch TV? Stay home? Eat too much?"
“But you must exercise. Walk. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs. I’m a vegetarian. If you pull your car up to the best tank at a service station, so you must take care of this temple God gave you."(from)
Ma'am.. we love it! Salute to a real queen..!? Teach us Mama Cicely!


  1. Absolutely amazingly beautiful!

  2. She's beautiful. It's "melanin", the natural protection from the sun that black skin has. However, the best thing a woman of any race can do for herself is stay out of the sun. Use sunscreen year round, cleanse, moisturize, don't sleep in make-up and drink water. At 66 I can say, other people say those tips have worked for me.