Wednesday, June 3, 2015

World News: Akon Heads Initiative to Bring Electricity to Millions in Africa

If you've been seeing news around social media that singer Akon is doing something major in Africa- you've seen right. Akon along with two other business men Samba Bathily and Thione Niang have partnered together to bring a much needed resource to millions of homes in Africa- electricity.

The initiative entitled, Akon Lighting Africa is geared towards impacting the over 600 Million Africans who live without any electricity. While it is one step in the process, this alone can be monumental in leveling the intense imbalance of poverty and wealth in some countries.

Akon and his partners have been working on this for about a year now at a grassroots level. They've met with many partners and organizations including the United Nations and NASDAQ. They've been laying the foundation for a massive solar energy system overhaul. So far they've accomplished quite a bit with the help of a few partners. In a years time 11 countries in Africa have personal lights and street lights. How awesome!?

Hundreds of businesses and schools now have the ability to be connected to power. The people in these countries were walking miles to pay to charge their phones. One testimonial outlines the joy one young person felt just for that. The solar energy also helps to eliminate the harmful and expensive kerosene relied on by many in rural areas.

Along with supplying electricity, Akon Lighting Africa will provide jobs and improve the education of millions as this project moves forward. It's super dope to see an artist go back to Africa and impact it in this way. This is something that is requiring quite a bit of help to make happen, but it looks like Akon and his partners are getting that help.

You can assist by way of donations or volunteering. Lets get behind this positive and life changing movement.

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