Friday, June 19, 2015

Rihanna and Her Mom Talk About the Amazing things they're doing with her Clara Lionel Foundation!

Rihanna is known for a lot of things, and philanthropy over the past few years is definitely one of them. Through her foundation, the Clara Lionel Foundation she and her team are transforming lives, and aiming to do so much more of that in the future. We've posted quite a bit of the work they've done, but we've never gotten the chance to really hear her speak about it to this extent. I believe our first story was about them purchasing the equipment for the cancer facility featured in the below video! Awesome stuff.

Joined by her mom and a few people benefiting from the foundation, Rihanna outlines in the below video exactly what the foundation is and most importantly the vision for it. I honestly didn't realize they have done so much already. Providing top of the line equipment for cancer patients in her beloved Barbados, scholarships, millions for HIV/Aids research.. man this is awesome. The thing about Rihanna is - whether her deeds are on a small level with fans or a big level with campaigns.. she doesn't often toot her own horn about this stuff. The music stuff yes, but you'd never know she was this active in charitable works unless someone else mentions it.

Thats why I'm glad to see this video. On a professional level,  it's an opportunity for more people to know what the CL foundation is working on!! There may be more opportunities for you to get involved in doing some major good for others. We will definitely keep an eye out for those!

To learn more about Rih's charity and the work they're doing watch the video below and visit their website, the Clara Lionel Foundation. I'm so happy to be able to share good news like this. Just one of the many reasons I rock with this chic! She's more than a pretty faced bad gal.. her heart shines through!

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