Sunday, June 28, 2015

I am soooo thankful that I don't live in a country governed by any one particular religious belief- including my own

So, I don't always rant like this on my blog.. in this more personal way, but I wanted to share something and avoid having to do so on Facebook. I decided to just post it to my own site; this way folks who care to read it can, and those who don't aren't forced to. 
 It's a rant..  long and grammatically incorrect, so be prepared lol. 

First, I am soooo thankful that I don't live in a country governed by any one particular religious belief- even if that means it can't be my own. In some countries everyone is forced to live their lives based upon the religious practices of a few. As a woman the idea of this freaks me out! It should freak you out too! Can you imagine any one religion other than your own becoming the sole foundation for all laws and governing ordinances? Things as simple as what you'd like to eat or how you can dress would be affected. I'm grateful that I can enjoy the liberty by law to live my life as I will. One doesn't have to like, be ok with, vote for, agree with the laws passed in this country...but one doesn't have to strip another person of their freedom to do so either. Everybody doesn't believe as you do..and you're not here to force your practices on an entire nation. We'd like people to come to know Christ's LOVE through OUR personal daily lives.So many lost track of that one solid fact this week.

Also.. lets be clear...America is NOT just now walking away from the principles Christ represents. What country's history are you guys referring to? There is nothing loving, kind, gentle, understanding, peaceful, humble about this country by law; not a thing. America has operated as many Church folk do today.. His name is mentioned a lot, but Christ's principles are rarely truly applied in life. This sort of "Oh, our country needs to get back right with God." venting on Facebook is hilarious.. back? when..? from where? 

In addition, as a person who LOVES ( and majored in) the study of the human brain and behavior, I know that there are so many other factors that have to be considered before you can start just randomly talking about things like sexuality/identity and yes even Bible. There are people literally born with both sex organs, the propensity to have complex hormonal environments within their bodies, hermaphrodites.. (Did God not make those people too?). Basically, there are biological/hormonal influences, psychological factors, and even environmental factors that play a role. 
This is the point you'll see most super deep and super holy people shy away from talking about. This is also the main reason I leave all of this condemnation stuff up to God, and His understanding. We don't always know whats going on.  I've seen so many people preaching on Facebook without any idea of what they're talking about. You totally diminish the reality that many people are battling for their lives, sanity, and happiness when you choose to be loud, deep, and wrong on Facebook.

It pains me to see so many people who profess to follow Christ post these hurtful, boastful, judgmental, and borderline (be careful) godly messages about who is a sinner and who is burning in hell. Using a scripture or two just to condemn and hurt out of spite and frustration. I'm sorry Christ like individual, is this what you're called to do? I haven't seen one post this week from someone who is walking in perfection, because that is impossible. So, there is no room for the condemnation on our part. Nobody is taking away any truths you've found in your faith walk, or forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. To be so ill intentioned, harsh, without compassion, and blunt in the name of Christ Jesus is sad. 

Pray and ask God to help you to live in your reality, and under the teachings of Christ. You don't know what life is like for another person. You can't force your way of life on an entire country in 2015.  I read so many statuses about whats an abomination this week. I was tired. Are you walking every day striving to live as Christ would have you to live? Are those scriptures the only ones you can quote? Have. you. ever. engaged. in. conversation. with. an. atheist? Well let me tell you, I have.. and they tend to know the Bible inside and out. They will point out every scripture in it that is not being followed by the body of Christ today. Yes- an atheist can do what was being done this week. So, don't get on your high horse about which one you can use to go against something... that doesn't mean a thing. This is really why I'm glad that my salvation is personal, and not based upon someone else's ability to point out what they think is wrong with me. Lets look at our daily (real off of Facebook) lives, and see how many things contradict a scripture or two or ten. It's disgusting that so many humans do more harm than help, and are claiming to be doing so under the name of Christ. Let me just put it out there....most of what was posted this week was masqueraded as Christian work, but it wasn't about Christ.

Some people are so churchy that they can't even see Christ anymore. We've removed his example and replaced it with the expectations of our fellow church folk. It's just about the crowd and the expectation of the crowd. I believe this because if it were about Christ and the expectations He set before us, my Facebook experience would've been a lot different this week. I've never been so embarrassed to be a believer in my life as I have been watching the loud, wrong, and super fake deep responses I saw over the past few days. I'm not perfect so I don't always get things right, but I'm certain that the overwhelming call is for us to love one another, and glorify God through our personal lives. I saw so little of that this week it made me cry. I'm an empath yes, so I feel heavily for people but this was too much. I cried for my the gay people I know who have been picked on, or mistreated, or confused, or depressed for the entire span of their lives. I cried because there was no caution or compassion for folks who are really truly struggling. I cried because I know a different Jesus, and His heart for people seemed to be totally ignored in many responses. Totally. 

I know the super deep folk won't agree with me here and thats fine. This is KayKi Speaks . com, and just my humble opinion. I feel Christ calls us to love and pray for one another. I feel like there is SO much work to be done in real life, and we're not doing that as a body. There's no power in our communities or churches, but we want to vent on Facebook about the law. What is the real motive? I know some posted scriptures and opinions that are genuine and coming from a real place. This post isn't about you. I think it's important to remember that even in what you think is correction- if it is not done in LOVE, it is not done in Christ's name. Lets remember that above all of the hoopla. I can't control the laws with my belief, and NEITHER CAN ANY OTHER PERSON OF ANOTHER FAITH... and I am SO thankful for that. Thanks for reading.



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  1. Thank you for this. All of it!! I've been thinking this exact same thing! We need more dialogue that is laced with love, compassion and truth. All of this holier than thou speech is heartbreaking. Not a single soul can be saved through condemnation, many have lost sight on this. So thank you for being the light that you are and speaking truth!! I love you for this!