Monday, June 22, 2015

Girl? or Boy?! Kim Kardashian Reveals the sex of Her and Kanye's New Baby!!

If you've been keeping up with the Kardashian- Wests then you know that Kim K is expecting her second child with her boo thang/hubby Kanye after a long uphill battle to conceive. The hit reality show that follows the lives of Kim and the Kardashian side of her family took viewers into doctors appointments and emotional family discussions about Kim and Kanye's desire to expand their family.

For some reason there was a huge issue with Kim's uterus stemming from her pregnancy with North.   Kim exhausted almost every resource she had..she even admitted that she and Kanye were having sex multiple times a day just to increase the chances. It seemed tiring to say the least, but she was determined.

A dear friend advised Kim that she would be pregnant but most importantly, she needed to stop stressing about it constantly. Well, that friend was right. Kim announced via the show that she was expecting baby number two and the media world exploded with the news. I think most- like me - were just happy for her and Kanye after such a long fight for it.

Since the announcement the world has been awaiting more info.. would they have another doll baby girl like North? Twins?? Triplets?? What would they name the baby? Will they stick to the theme they went with with North.. and name the baby South or East or West?? People really wanted to know. Well, Kimmie answered one of those questions last night in a cute little father's day post to her husband Kanye.. see what she had to say about Kanye as a dad and the sex of their new baby below!! Congratulations to the Wests!!!! Babies are blessings!

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