Monday, June 1, 2015

Congrats! Here Are A Few #NorthWest Moments That Make Us Most Excited for #KimYe Baby Number Two!

When Kanye announced to the world that he and Kim Kardashian were expecting, most of us were incredibly caught off guard first of all. The next reaction was wow.. this is going to be a really fresh kid. Kimye is known for fashion among other things. People immediately began to speculate just what a Kimye baby would look like, and what kind of personality the little one would have... I don't think anybody came close to the perfection that is North West.

Nori as she's affectionately called is one of the cutest little babies ever. Outside of just being the perfect Kardashian/West blend her parents have held up the expectation of keeping her funky fresh and dressed to impress. Nori rocks the illest one of ones from high end designers, and her outfit is always fully complete from head to toe + accessories. On top of living the life in fashion, North has traveled the world in the few years she's been alive. With two superstars for parents that is like a given.

What we love most about North is not her incredible outfits or her traveling around the world.. after all, thats just a side affect of having Kanye and Kim as parents. What we love most about Nori is with out a doubt her little personality...which isn't quite little at all. North seems to always have the funniest facial expressions and personlity on deck! Whether she's annoyed with the papz, explaining something important to her cousin Penelope, or chilling with her parents riding through the airport on her luggage.. North's expressions are written all over her face and body!

Yesterday we all found out that KimYe (after a long battle of trying) is expecting baby number two! It's safe to say that few people actually care that KimYe is having another baby because of who KimYe is. Now, the show is stolen and we're all just waiting to see what another Nori will be like. One thing is for sure, this little one has a really cool big sister to show them the ropes! Here are some of our favorite North West Moments that make us ready for KimYe Baby Number Two!

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