Friday, June 26, 2015

Ballin!! Nine Month Pregnant Ayesha Curry Has a Mean Shot

Since all of the sports media and world otherwise have focused in on Steph Curry and the NBA Finals, one thing was clear.. we wanted to know and see his wife and daughter just as much as we did him. Riley completely stole our hearts with her spunk and smarts. She's two, adorable, confident, and a natural when the camera turns on her.

The other lady we fell for was Steph's beautiful wife and Riley's mom Ayesha. A stunning food lover, chef, entrepreneur, and doting wife/mom Ayesha gracefully invited all of us into her world. We see where Riley gets half of her looks from, where Steph gets his peace of mind from, but yesterday we may have learned where he's been honing his shot as well.

Hair tied back, in a tshirt and shorts, a nine month pregnant Ayesha Curry took to the court last night to shoot around  a bit. She not only went two for two, but ended the night with a three pointer!!!! In the video posted to her instagram she prepped her shot and let it rip. Her response to making it was as if she knew she'd make it and everyone around would get a kick out of it.  How adorable is she?!???

I spent a moment on her blog this morning, and it's very obvious that Steph married a very well rounded woman. Her focus is on her faith in God, her family, enjoying life, her love of food, and knocking down a few three pointers every once in a while. The big question is can Steph see Ayesha on the court?! Hahaaaaaaa now that would be a site to see.

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