Friday, May 22, 2015

Starz Unite! Amazing Artists in Atlanta Perform A Brandy Tribute Show & it Jammmmmed!

It's no secret that Brandy's influence is all over the music industry. This was evident last night here in Atlanta when Chaffer Productions and a few artists came together to do a Brandy tribute show! In the crowd as fans were artists from all genres of music ready to jam out to their favorite Brandy records! The energy in the videos is kinetic!

While I don't yet have my hands on full videos, I thought I'd share with you the vids I was obsessing over from IG. Artists like Brik Liam (who I promise you'll be seeing more of on here because he's honestly one of my fave creatives here in Atlanta) sang his behind off as always. Amber Bullock  delivers every single time, and last night was no different! Whew girl please!!!!! Other incredible artists were also a part of the amazing line up. They all held Bran down! Ironically I was speaking with another artist India Shawn not too long ago about doing something similar to this. We knew that there are few things singers love to do more than to all get together and zone out on a few Brandy records...and that's exactly what these guys did last night.

It is no easy feat to stand before a room full of Brandy fans and singers and attempt to deliver any of her jams. And you guys do know the jams are non stop.. from singles to songs we all just fell in love with on the albums- Brandy makes music singers LOVE to sing.  I Wanna Be Down, Long Distance, When You Touch Me, Full Moon, Have You Ever, Almost Doesn't Count, Best Friend.... those are all just SOME of the songs we've come to know and love. Last night everybody in the building was singing along to those jams. Brandy lovin was in full effect!

This was a such a great night to recognize the contribution of such an amazing artist (pardon me while I stan!) The people who participated are genuine fans just like the rest of us. Brandy is currently doing her residency on Broadway as Roxie in Chicago.. but I know she felt the love and light from Atlanta beaming her way. Thank you Brandy for the years of incredible music! Love to all of the artists who contributed to the show last night. I want to hear more of you guys!!! Check out a few videos below..these are such a tease! We need full videos please! Love this!

medley. ❤️ Brandy
Posted by Brik Liam on Thursday, May 21, 2015

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  1. That Sir and that bass! I think I love him.

    1. Lol he is just a beast of life. He's incredible.