Tuesday, May 19, 2015

See Photos of Beyonce's Humanitarian trip to Haiti Last Weekend

Beyonce took a Humanitarian trip to Haiti this past weekend to see what progress has been made since the massive earthquake hit five years ago. As an Ambassador of the UN, Beyonce got to meet first hand some of the survivors of the quake. She also toured a coupled of the facilities that have been built there in response to the disaster.

Beyonce took to her personal Instagram account to share her visit. The photos are beautiful. Mostly black and white. They capture some of the people there, their enduring smiles, the bright colors, and seriousness of the matter at hand..her photographer did a great job at enveloping her moment there. The singer wore a Bey Good shirt representing her own charity which aims to encourage involvement in charitable deeds big and small.

The pop diva's trip didn't come without a little scrutiny though, and not necessarily towards her. People are just a bit skeptical of what is actually happening to rebuild Haiti after all of this time. There is little information given to the public about the progress being made for the people there. Many feel like trips like this one are just photo ops for looks, and the real work (rebuilding Haiti) has yet to be a priority.

I am hopeful that there is actual work being done, and maybe the people griping online just can't see it yet. Officials have admitted that things in Haiti are "complicated", but I'm sure the UN is doing SOMETHING there to improve the lives of the people. Either way, I salute people like Beyonce who in making a trip over there probably inspired quite a few people, AND refocused the attention of those who are supposed to be doing the work. One thing is for sure, if we weren't looking at Haiti much before she went, Beyonce going definitely puts some of the attention back on the country.

See photos from her Instagram account below:

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