Thursday, May 28, 2015

Riley Curry Sings Big Sean Last Night As Her NBA News Dominance Continues - She Feels Blessed

Riley Curry is just the cutest lil girl. Recently she's been all we can talk about concerning NBA press conferences. Riley tags along with her dad Steph like many NBA kids do, but Riley is a character. She really truly is. The last time we saw her she was telling her dad to be quiet because his voice was too loud in the mic.

At last night's post game conference she really showed out. She was in full character handing the press her gum to hold, playing in the curtain, and singing a little Big Sean in the mic. She's so funny.

Some people aren't too comfortable with Riley being this expressive and all over the place while her dad is at work. The reality is Riley Curry is no different than me or any other daddy's girl in the world. Little girls feel like their dads belong to them, and when they want daddy's attention you may as well just stop the world. Steph is very patient and sorta just used to her at this point. I think it's super cute, and this little girl needs an agent!

 If you care about the game, the score was 104-90 Warriors over Rockets.. they are headed to the NBA Finals! Here's a little Riley Curry to brighten your day. 


  1. she is a riot. he dont know what to do with her.

  2. honestly the funniest and cutest thing i've ever seen.... love that she's not sitting there stoic with little to no personality..... can't wait to see her next press conference....