Saturday, May 16, 2015

#PressPlay Jay Z Brings out Beanie Sigel, Memph, & More + Talks Big Money Competition , Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, & More in Tidal Freestyle

Jay Z promised Tidal customers some exclusive content, but for a price some weren't willing to pay. Tonight those of us who bought Tidal were treated to something incredible. Jay Z's exclusive 'BSides' concert featured some of his fans' favorite and not. Jay went ALL the way back through his career covering songs from albums and even a freestyle or two from his infamous radio freestyling days.

Not only was it a good night for Jay, but fans also got to experience something nobody was expecting. Jay Z brought out some of the original Rocafella crew including Beanie Sigel, Memph Bleek, Freeway, and Young Gunz! We know over the years Jay and Beanie in particular have had words, but tonight it looks like the two are seeing eye to eye at least for the sake of acknowledging they had some incredible hits together. They hugged it out on stage while fans lost it at the mere idea of them all on stage together again. Who knows...maybe we'll get that Rocafella reunion tour soon!???

Jay Z paid tribute to the legendary BB King who just passed away yesterday, as well as Jimmy Hendrix. Another highlight of the night was a short freestyle he did before performing Politics as Usual. He started off just talking about how he's all of a sudden the enemy for wanting to do things differently with Tidal. He explain how he's never actually gone with the flow, and he had a few facts to back it up.

"If I could give you guys any advice tonight, it would be to never go with the flow. Be the flow." - Jay Z

This is a quote any Jay Z fan knows he actually lives by. The mogul followed this mini speech with a freestyle that brought it all together. He rhymed about the psychology behind the big machines that we choose to spend our money on, taking shots at Youtube, Google, and Spotify. He then touched on the social issues surrounding the deaths of our young black men and how some might wish for him to not be successful just because of what he looks like. The freestyle was pretty heavy stuff, but you can tell it's a point he really wanted to make.

While we don't have the full concert for you to see (I mean it's playing again on Tidal if you want) here is a snippet of that Freestyle which Im sure will be making headlines tomorrow. Also see the setlist below.. he went in!

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